144k DNA Template Activation…

This week represents a major quantum leap point into our new reality.  The closer we get to 8/8 the more guidance I am receiving around the huge overhaul we are undergoing, as well as the activation of new DNA→the 144k double helix DNA which is the 144k referenced in the bible (12k of the 12 tribes) and mentioned in the new reportThese are our crystalline (Avatar/Diamond-Sun) DNA templates that are required for the embodiment of the Higher Self.

The 8/8 gateway is bringing in the “activation key” for the Christ codes  (also called: the resurrection/GOD/unity/ONEness/destiny codes) that started filtering thru the collective around the June solstice.  In the words of the Arcturians, this is “the intelligence needed to fire up our new system programming”.

This 144k DNA trigger is the Gateway to New Earth in that it signifies the activation of the crystalline rainbow bridge (DNA) which enables the ascending collective to BEcome the conduit for the Avatar level embodiment for all who choose it.

From this, I am hearing that many will “don their robes of honor” as we merge with the crystalline energies by which we were created.  Translation: we are returning to our ‘full glory’ by way of our authentic ray of light.

The advice for this passage is to continue to bring these highly activating energies into our bodies and the earth and to stay riveted to this sacred moment (and not the extremely polarizing world) as we move thru it….to be present with our process as much as possible.  Following the gateway (8/12) we will be entering into a period of integration that reads like preparedness for the virgin (Virgo) birth of the Cosmic Christ.

Linearly (which nothing ever is), it is laid out to look like→ activation, followed by integration, followed by manifestation…that the 8/8 is firing up the etheric DNA to make the birth of the Cosmic Christ a physical reality, “of the body”, I am hearing specifically.

I am also understanding that as we step into our upgraded embodiment many of us will be completing the final contracts of our bodhisavta clause which means 1) no more “self-sacrifice” and 2) we will be stepping into our new roles now, returning to ourselves as “singular Creators of life Force” are the words…focusing all our energy to bring ourcellves into the fullness of being.

And so, “out with the old, in with the new” continues to be the theme this month…the work/focus is to: 1) be mindful to prevent old patterns…2) to not go with the old flow but to create a NEW flow, whatever that entails…and 3) to create new habits (of being our New Self).  This is how we build our Higher Mind muscles and pave the new neural pathways for our freedom and resilience here (thru repetition and practice).

Anything that is blocking our creative expression…any attachments or mental slavery…will continue to highlighted and expunged at warp speed so we are at the ready to extract the first-fruits this harvest season. Where you get trapped or ensnared in the illusion→ unconditional LOVE is the way out.  Find the (neutral) thought that floods your body with joy and strictly honor that.  All else get’s tossed in the “crystalline river“.

NOTE: oh! I am just now remembering that early this morning, and likely so I would share it with all of you in this blog, I was greeted by another beautiful male unicorn who showed me the coolest thing ever. (And for the record, unicorns typically enter my field whenever we are nearing or engaging with the rainbow bridge (DNA)  He bowed his head so as to show me his horn in detail (which was gold, and way longer than typical…likely for emphasis) and when I asked what he wanted me to know he gifted me with the understanding that a unicorn’s horn is used to “pierce thru the illusion” when we fall into amnesia or forget our purity.  Pretty magical, right?!  Call on unicorn to escort you over the rainbow bridge! 🌈🦄 

Unconditional LOVE is important to master right now because we are currently in the process of aligning our creative output with our highest intentions, bringing back our original Creator (GOD) birthright…which is now becoming accessible in the vessel.

We are “preparing our womb space” to open us to the Creative Force of Life so we can craft this PRIME energy with our Creator GOD Self. (NOTE: for those of the female persuasion, womb clearing can certainly create physical symptoms in the lady parts. 😰) Ultimately this is getting us in position to flow thru life in alignment with universal LOVE…with so much more ease and grace. To be pulsing with new levels of life force, readying to open up collectively AS the Creatrix for New Life on Earth as each of us birth into the new creation of Self is a really powerful feeling.

creātrīx– noun: A female who brings forth or produces; a mother.

I am also seeing a major time of personal clearing/clarity coming thru these next few weeks, and yet, I feel to say that this is not a time for major decision making…that time will likely come under Virgo sun when we are more anchored and centered in this new level of Self.  This is a moment to honor that the metamorphosis is ending, that the chrysalis is complete and that we need time to birth into our butterfly, to dry out our wings and learn to fly…to open to what freedom looks like, feels like, IS like when we are no longer grounded as caterpillars on the earth.

We’re gonna need at least a year to bring the freedom of our new Self into the fullness of this completion…to learn life in a whole new way after dropping all the density.  And we don’t want to miss a minute of it.  This is all brand new “miracle territory” and it deserves to be treated as such…with the captivated curiosity & bewildered enchantment our innocent-inner (Holy) child.

(Speaking of enchantment…a beautiful powder blue and chocolate brown butterfly 🦋 just landed on my window as a confirmation, but won’t let me take a pic to spoil the magic. ☹️ He/she came to prove the ultimate point that to “condition our mind for the miraculous” is to be spellbound by the mundane.  And that’s where we are at.)

So as I see it, we all need to bring this new (holographic) field of energy to life by allocating as much life force as possible to the new reality we are animating. To do that we need to now be asking questions like: What does the other side of the rainbow look like?  What are you doing there? Who are you with? What does your New Earth Template feel like? Where do you see all of this going after you manifest your Trinity as GOD? 

Figuring out the future from the new present IS leaving the past behind…engaging with new timeline potentials means playing with new possibilities from a new place.  So what are your long term goals and New Earth dreams?  Your new level mission, your new leadership role, your new love life, your new family, your new geographical location?  

Cuz remember, the art & science of chasing rainbows 🌈🦄✨🦋 is about seeking the absolute…the ULTIMATE reality.   Long-term energies are manifesting around what we want to birth for ourselves so we need to stop thinking & start imagining→ what does happily ever after legitimately entail?

As you get clarity, apply it to your personal Creation Matrix. As a reminder, here are the basic tenets of ancient/feminine creation (CAL) in 5 streamlined steps to help you along:

  1. Settle into your heartfelt desires.
  2. Create an imaginary, make be-lie-ve world in which those desires come to life.
  3. Begin to act as IF that world is already in existence, NOW.
  4. Move (in the direction of desire) in order to move that (higher) reality into form.
  5. Ignore everything that is not aligned with that reality. Rinse & Repeat.

As you move that make be-lie-ve reality into being, as you begin to PLAY with the truly limitless potentials that now abound, you effectively vibrate that reality into being, through your BEing IN it.

Do you see now? 

This is the way Home.

A happy 88 to every LionHearted beast in the fearless TWYH pride!