The (13th) Garden Gate: trinity completion

How is it December already?? 🤨  2019 was both the longest and shortest year of my life…and it is ending as emphatically as it began. This is another power-packed month of completions, leading to an epic new year in which many will finally, fully and officially be “liberated from slavery“.  Translation→ a massive purging of the enslavement template headed our way. 😰

We have the triple 12 gateway this month...which leads to the “13th gate” ⇊…the solstice, and a solar (ring of fire) Christmas eclipse which reads like a last minute 1-2-3 punch that ends on Boxing Day. Speaking of which, this is also the last 12/3 month of the universal 12/3 year which completes the divination of the Holy Trinity…the great (light & dark) divide has dissolved which, for wayshowers means our covenant with GOD is complete.

As a result of this contract completion, SO much new will open within us/become available to us as we are flooded with a whole new level of light/intelligence that includes necessary information about our new lives/new missions..about beginning again…and what that entails for each of us as we enter into an “ascended life experience.”

That said, and for a while yet, we are still in the process of surrendering ourselves over…renouncing the last bits of (human) will to empower our GOD will, dumping old template dynamics, in order to squeeze thru the “last of Heaven’s Gates” and into alignment with the 2020 timeline/New Human-New Earth trajectory.

There is a lot on the line and we can feel it in these final moments of blind faith, but in our reunion with Creator we can also feel that we are being carried now…supported in the subtlest and yet most profound of ways, enabling us to truly let go-let GOD on the deepest of levels.  We have no fight left in us, but most importantly, no need for it.

[Tweet “Once your Christed aspect is able to hold dominion over your human life, you are Home.”]

Because of the all-new everything coming in for the latter half of 2020, we are also being urged to OPEN our minds to reimagining life again→ this time without the core wound.  We were asked to do this earlier in the year, but now after having gone thru an all-important resurrection of the mind, dropping so much mental clutter, we are more anchored in and connected to our ability to embody our full potential, the full truth of what’s becoming possible.

And so the guidance for this last big push to New Earth is to spend some time every day from now until the new year imagining life without THE wound…what does that look like, feel like?  What would you be doing?  Where would you be?  Who would you be with?

Envisioning life without the core wound is now a reality compliments of Mercury retrograde thru Scorpio last month.  That journey was as intense as it was productive for healing the masculine inner child (return to innocence) which precipitated the liberation of the Divine Masculine Christ that culminates this month after a full year of reclamation.

This was a HUGE undertaking, THE linchpin to completing the Divine Trinity and the Trinititzed form…to releasing our victimization/crucifixion/persecution storylines, which was THE theme of 2019.  The outcome of this liberation is already birthing new levels of self-acceptance, and therefore acceptance of others…new levels of self-forgiveness, and therefore the forgiveness of others…in a way that finally puts everything in our lives in right/divine order.

The healing of the masculine side of self is also fortifying us with feelings of safety to open up, to let our guard down, which is leading to long-awaited resolutions within ourselves and our closest relationships. And as the Divine Masculine steps forward as LOVE and learns to trust himSelf again, to take responsibility for his GODhood and to honor his True inner-authority, the Feminine is also finding her inner strength to trust in the masculine.

This intertwining spiral of mutual trust and acceptance is solidifying newfound security within…leading us to true justice & equality (clemency even) which is the basis of authentic union, one that sparks true feelings of intimacy with life, with each other, and with the world around us.  In this space of honest communion, stress is replaced with consolation, worry is replaced with peace, submission is replaced with sovereignty. But most importantly, our equal m-f footing finally ensures the level ground needed for the construction of Eden. 

Now to just get thru that Garden Gate… 🤔

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