2020: The Great Unveiling

We are officially in the corridor to New Earth that opened with a highly combustible solar eclipse on Christmas.  The totality of the “last-minute 1-2-3 punch that ended on Boxing Day” did NOT disappoint, amounted to a bit of a KO for the lower human template after a tense face-off with the persecution story/crucifixion wound.  In fact, the window from the solstice to the Christmas eclipse was a bonafide “wrath of GOD” passage of Knowing who we TRULY are, but having to hold steady, anchored in that Truth for what may or may not have amounted to a last-minute holiday shit-slinging, as we squeeze the last of that enormous camel thru the eye of that very tiny needle.

In some cases, this ultimate breaking-free process meant sitting perfectly still, fully present to that opposing lower force (in ALL its forms) with a higher perspective…without reacting to it one last time, without feeding those dynamics any life force knowing that we have moved beyond them…but also knowing that we need to see these endings thru to completion in the physical.  Enter⇾ 2020

If you are still wrestling with those old dynamics, know that 1) we are still burning off the last of a decade of karmic debris and that 2) from now until the lunar eclipse on 1/10 is a last for this cycle call to run thru your being with a fine-tooth comb and disentangle any remaining knots binding you to causality.  This is our window to release more of the false identity, to drop doubts, fears, limitations, anything and everything that is not authentic/LOVE must go.  We are at the very end where things can feel the hardest because we are the most (mentally, emotionally & physically) exhausted, but we have to finish the last leg of this 2000 year race strong.  Whether we walk thru, run thru, or crawl thru these last-minute obstacles, this is no time to give up.

[Tweet “2020 is the kickoff to the Heavenly realms…the first surefooted steps as masters of our own fate.”]

The REAL reality is readying for revelation which means we can no longer hold onto anything from “that” world (of separation) because we are moving into a whole new life cycle (shifting reality programs) unified as ONE. The dissolution process has been an all-encompassing endeavor but we are being asked/pushed (at all costs) to align every level of our being with the New Earth timeline because we need to be in full readiness to receive our new mission templates throughout 2020.

This eclipse corridor that we are in is facilitating this passage to The Garden, the Nirvanic Realms, the Promised Land…walking us from the dormant DNA of the lower human (false) template to the other side of the rainbow bridge by way of all the triple trinity gateways which have been culminating multiple cycle completions all month long.  So many multidimensional timelines are ending, merging right now into zero-point, bringing us thru this portal gateway to a whole new reality where we are complete in our (first) missions→ done with facilitating timeline clearings for the planet.

Wayshowers brought as many people as possible “over the rainbow” (bridge) and now we are spiraling back to zero-point, completing the cycles of time and “raising up our (personal) drawbridge” for the new year/new cycle/new decade/New Earth.  And we are not only completing multiple timelines, but we are also creating brand new ones that have never been available to the masses before now…entirely new pathways for humanity to follow that lead them out of slavery and into true salvation.

2020 is a universal 4 year, a foundation-building year from which a much higher level Truth will be revealed…the real truth of our inborn divinity and its polarity⇾ the real truth of the underworld.  Four is an extraordinarily powerful numeric for physical change…this will be a no-holds-barred year where soul meets body, spirit meets matter, Heaven meets Earth.  In Christianity, 3 symbolizes the heavens and 4 represents the body.  In Chinese philosophy, 4 is the number of the Earth.  In Hinduism, 4 is totality→the meaning/purpose of life is 4-fold.  According to Pythagoras, 4 is perfection.

2019 (universal 3 year) was a masculine energetic in which the Divine Child was made manifest through triangulation (The Holy Trinity). In 2020, under a feminine energetic, the Holy Trinity (of GOD) takes form/4m.  (Four is the number of matter in numerology…it represents the 4 seasons, 4 elements, 4 directions, and the 4 sides to a cube.)  This is the year we begin implementing the new triality structures/systems needed to support the Feminine Force of (Mother) GOD to lead…the set up of a whole new trajectory for humanity’s ultimate liberation in 2021 (universal 5 year→FREEdom).

And of course, kicking off this year of re-form and re-structure to align with the higher trajectory is the famed Saturn-Pluto conjunction (in Capricorn) on January 12th, just two days after the lunar eclipse in Cancer on January 10th.  With that eclipse in the sign of the archetypal “mother” followed up with Pluto’s determination to transform (resurrect) the structures of society (Saturn) to align with higher, universal law & order under the governance of the archetypal “father” (Capricorn Sun), we are bound to witness a profoundly accelerated deterioration of the (old) foundation of humankind in 2020.

This inevitable & continual breakdown will reveal so much, serving as a final clarion call to humanity, guiding/pleading/forcing all those capable to unhook from the slave matrix and redirect their authority inward…to reconnect to their True power Source, finally reclaiming the governance of their own lives.

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Completion Portal

The 12/12 gateway to the 12/21 solstice was a super intensive but wildly productive (and concluding) completion portal…the fallout of which we are still witnessing as we continue to bring closure to our lives in duality and integrate the solar eclipse effects which rebooted our operating systems to align with “the correct coordinates”…those that do not follow the (inorganic) pathways laid from THE wound (of separation).

As we were going thru the labors, I kept hearing this defined as the lead up to our “grand finale moment” which amounted to a final heave ho…the uprooting and flushing out of the most deeply embedded (possibly even hidden) enslavement/victimization programs within us.  This purification is serving to dissolve the 3D/distorted template and was precipitated by the completion of all the ascension timelines which culminated this 12th month so we can fully merge with the 12D template in 2020.

This was certainly not a passive experience in that all month long we had to actively engage with the higher timelines while staying continually conscious thru the lower…while we were simultaneously and repeatedly presented with choice points, choosing a) whether or not we were willing to DROP everything and anything that arose that was not aligned with our highest good/higher trajectory and respond with neutrality/LOVE…or b) if we were still tempted to be-lie-ve in the ill-usion that we have already played out a million different ways each leading us to the same dead 🔚 …and react to it.

That illusion consists of any outdated/expired be-lie-fs, fear-based thoughts (of limitation) and/or the mismanagement of feelings around that which dims our light.  These are the implant mechanisms that we were all presented with and asked to see thru a final time…to bring some much-needed LOVE to some really powerful feelings of the opposite.

So yes, the name of December is/was definitely purge→ the karmic template…which also included an extensive round of physical detoxification to boot. As the cells purge all the expired (DNA) programs that held our ancient miasma, the body has been dumping toxins like crazy to clear out our conduits in preparation for the new light of 2020 which will present a whole host of new challenges experiences.

Hopefully you have been gentle with yourself…this final completion portal brought our mastery to an entirely embodied level which, in retrospect, was clearly the point.


The Great Unveiling

The Christmas solar eclipse was another defining endpoint for those moving into the New Earth realms.  It presented another level of release from the enslavement template, for some this amounted to the final cord severing as the etheric guillotine came crashing down to detach us from that soulless reality for good.  This reboot of masculine consciousness has since been calling us to new choices and actions, to dissolve old patterns and habits in order to redirect our energy/focus completely to the higher timelines, a theme that will continue until September of next year.

And…as a result of that particular shift point…I am hearing that many can now begin simultaneously realizing the first of their authentic Selves and identities thru the remainder of this eclipse corridor as we step into the new year of The Great Unveiling.

This is a revelatory time and one that will lead you through the Holy Season and beyond into what we would call ‘the great unveiling’.

When we say ‘the great unveiling’ we are referring to the revelation of your core Truth, as you originally incarnated…prior to the inception, or inheritance of the karmic templatting that activated in your DNA as you came of age.

More specifically, I am told that at the end of the eclipse corridor we will be met with/merging with our oversoul identity (our Truest Self) as a precursor to the “ascended life experience”.  From December report:

Excitingly, I am also hearing that as we transition into this new space many of us will be reunited with new/ancient aspects of Self in preparation for the “ascended life experience”.

The oversoul identity is the group identity that we share with our monadic tribe.  As I understand it, our monadic tribe consists of all our other “selves” incarnated on multiple timelines (past, present, future)…so as we meet with our over-soul identity, we are essentially meeting with our TRUE (unfragmented) Self.

This is the YOU that created every level, aspect, division of you to experience physical life in form.  Hence, the multidimensional Self.

NOTE: Ophiuchus definitely comes to mind here in that 13th/over-lay sign is defined as “the completeness of the zodiac that all the individuated signs fragment from”…the governor of all the signs if you will.  In a similar way, the over-soul is the completeness of our souls, the governor of all our sub-selves…which I am hearing consists of 12 soul identities, each of which creates 12 incarnation identities. Under the architecture of GOD, this (12×12) subdivisional structure of the oversoul complex is what allows each individual oversoul to have multiple souls and sub-selves. 

What is important to grasp at this time is the understanding that you are coming into contact with, a reuniting if you will, of ALL the other (sub)level selves that make up the complete YOU.

This means that your multidimensional nature will begin to be expressed in singular form and so we wish to expound upon that…


Multidimensional Singularity

The first thing coming across loud and clear with this is that we are only at the very threshold, the very inception of this brand new life experience and that there will be a lot, A LOT to uncover in the coming days, months, years, of our New Earth incarnation experience…that this year is the inception of what could be called our “rewards” (dharma).

There is so much YOU to unfold, from such a vast array of life experience, both on and off-world, that we want to be clear that what is coming forth now is but the tip of the iceberg and that your experiences going forward will be multiplied exponentially.

In this, you are only just beginning again, starting over in a real sense, from the inception of the True you…without interference programs…and so we want to kick off this new journey together, on the right foot.

That is to say, we wish for an authentic fresh start to 2020...from the ground level.

This means that each of you who are beginning to engage with your oversoul identity, your True Self in which it is known to you, will begin the new year on par with your Original (divine) Plan.

To do this, to start from the beginning again means to do so literally, and in every sense of the word.  Our new beginning here, in this life…via multidimensional singularity…changes every other incarnation experience, every other timeline, to adapt to the new trajectory which is (and always was) our Original Plan for Earth’s Evolution, and for our many multiple lifetimes upon her.

As I merge with my own oversoul identity I am understanding more and more how our incarnation (as starseeds) into duality was illusory…a ruse even.  As we dissolve the last of the karmic templating everything is becoming crystal clear via the ‘great unveiling’ and we are finally able to see (with 2020 vision 🤓) SO much that was hidden from ourselves…likely for our own protection and safety.  As we step back into the original blueprint of our Original Plan we are viscerally reconnecting with our Trueness which allows for us to finally feel, and therefore remove, the false cloak of our 3D human “disguise”.

As such, I am hearing that many are going to be “moving thru a window that will permanently seal off the false identity”…aka, the artificial template/programs that we have been running in order to incarnate “undercover” in a sense, to do GOD’s work.

This artificial template is one that each of us agreed to, under oath, in order to “maintain a low profile” as we seeded the earth with the authentic light of GOD.  The artificial programming was put in place long before now, however, in our astounding ability to stay on mission we have effectively altered the course of the past and the future so that everything is coming into alignment with this NOW moment on Earth.

This is a much bigger undertaking than we could possibly portray in words, however, what we can convey is the understanding that your multidimensional Self is now readying for revelation.

This revelation of Self is both a connection to the ALL of you, to every aspect of self and life experience that you have ever had, as well as a deeper connection to the human you, the individuated self in this life experience who is here to ascend your entire oversoul complex.

To express our multidimensional nature in singular form is to bridge our human incarnation experience with our monadic experience.  The oversoul is the bridge, the middle man so to speak, in that it contains both the attributes of ourSelf as GOD (our GODspark), as well as ALL the incarnation experiences utilized by our sub-selves to evolve this planet as a whole.

Merging with the oversoul is an important part of the planetary ascension process…it is the bridge to Home while still on earth.

It is being a living aspect of GOD in physical form, with the knowledge and abilities that you typically have access to on the other side of the veil…what you used to call ‘Home’ prior to embodiment.

And so, I am hearing that thru the end of this eclipse corridor to the New Earth, and throughout the new year we will be met with many parts of ourSelf that may at once seem very normal, as well as very new.  The newness is, in reality, a return to our authentic nature…what we would typically identify with outside of our physical vehicle…only it is becoming accessible to us in form→ from within a body, on Earth.

In other words, we are in the process of entering “the afterlife”…life after death…but while (physically) alive.

This homecoming is a coming Home to yourSelf, on Earth, and it is an experience unlike any other.

For you will come to know, to return to, all those parts of you that you have always felt beneath the surface but that have evaded you in your conscious, day to day endeavors.

This is the opening to the nirvanic realms…you as YOU, (over)soul as body, spirit as matter, Heaven as Earth.


True Coordinates

NOTE: This particular section of the xmission was infused with the energy of the Elohim, in conjunction with Arcturian light council consciousness. 

Merging with our oversoul will not only have an effect on us as individuals but will also make a collective impact on the planet and so the Elohim presented me with some insight as to how our singular expression of multidimensionality will affect the terrain of our lives and the Earth as a whole.

To begin with, it is made clear that the window between the solstice (12/21) to the new year eclipse/full moon on January 10th…by way of the Christmas eclipse which was presented as “the official reboot to Christed (body) consciousness…will serve to release us fully from the identity that we held all the years leading to now(re→ “moving thru a window that will seal off the false identity” ⇈)

This is not to say that we will be releasing our individual sense of self…that is not the case…only the inauthentic parts that had been absorbed and/or enacted for our role in the karmic (causal) realms. This includes a redirect all the way back to our infancy, in fact prior to that…back to the gestation cycle in which we were conceived and created…when we “absorbed the web of templating” needed for phase 1 of our mission→ our undercover mission to accomplish GOD’s work.

In this redirect, you will come upon the correct coordinates, let’s call them…the pathway that would have been laid for your life had you not taken on the artificial templating.

These original coordinates will feel very natural, very authentic to who you truly are.

They will make the most sense in the most subtle, but also the most profound of ways.

These original coordinates of our Truth are those that contain our natural aptitude, our most organic constitution, and will, therefore, bring us back to those places inside that we felt, but that we didn’t perhaps have an opportunity to actualize thru our incarnation experience thus far.  These natural aptitudes span the most benign to the most life alerting in that they put us on the correct track (grid) so that everything in our field is in alignment with our blueprint and Original Life trajectory.

The entire eclipse corridor is a time of resetting/rebooting to our True coordinates which is why we have all been pressed to completely drop the old storylines this month and to align with our real (expanded/evolved) blueprint.  We are finally shifting templates from the artificial Tree of Life to the Original Adam Kadmon Template…from the false (enslavement) matrix to the Original Earth Template…from “slavery to sovereignty”, I am hearing specifically.

This (blueprint) has just not been fully available to us prior to now.  Some of us are consciously holding parts of it, some are actualizing portions, but until now the whole of our Original Plan has not been accessible.  This changes now.

This means that those of you who are, as yet, undecided in your mission…this changes now.  Those who are, as yet, undecided in your location…this changes now.  Those who are, as yet, undecided in your community and/or life partnerships…this changes now.

The alignment with your True Coordinates puts you fully on course for your True North…which is as unique to you as anything could be.

The accomplishment of something of this magnitude may feel, at the moment, rather banal and yet you are soon to see that what you may have felt as ‘lacking in originality’ suddenly blossoms to reveal your trademark clear as day.

We say this with the understanding that many of you are ‘waiting on mission’ so to speak, and so we want to again be clear that the most authentic, natural expression of the accumulation of your human interests IS your mission on Earth.

That in the ascended life experience it is the most ‘normal’ expression of you that goes the furthest…the place where you blend your humanity and divinity is the place where you are most comfortable to shine.

It is not in reaching outside of yourself to be that which you think the world needs, but to be that which is so intrinsic that it fine-tunes the vibration of the world, modulating each note of authentic Truth to bring your individual soul song into harmony with the song of New Earth.

This is how you will effectuate change as you enter the New Earth terrain…not by helping the world to become something ‘better’, but by guiding Her to become who she Truly IS. 

And how do you accomplish this?  By individually and collectively being who YOU authentically are.

This is what will come of the entrance to the new year, to the new decade, to the new timeline, to the New Earth.  2020 is your kickoff to the Heavenly Realms…your first steps as you begin to walk surefooted as masters of your fate, of your True destiny.


By Way of the Body

There are some changes that I am hearing we can expect thru this passage as we shift into the Higher reality program, but what I am asked to make especially clear is that those preparing to enter the nirvanic realms do so by way of the body→from the root up.

We know that we have spoken about this many times to a fault, however, it is important that you understand that this shift in consciousness is no longer outside of you but now a very internal, cell-based experience.

To that we would add that you are no longer in a place of separation, that the union of worlds has taken place within those moving into the ascended life experience and so we bring forth this information as a way to help you understand the body’s response to all of these changes from old to new template dynamics.

The first thing presented is the understanding that we are releasing the components of ourcellves that no longer work or match the frequency of the New Earth Template.  The new template dynamic is a unified one and so there is no longer space between the Higher and lower selves….this reorientation is going to begin to shift our energy field to align with the coordinates of New Earth in notable ways.

For instance, we are going to be releasing expired habits at a rapid pace now…in some cases, we will suddenly just not be doing the things we perhaps “always did” and we need to be aware of this new dynamic birthing.  This is due to the fact that the lower template is no longer functioning as the map and coordinates and so all those expired behaviors that no longer serve will simply melt away, vanish into thin air.

I am also made aware that that the body itself will begin to go thru some physical alterations…that as we begin to enter the New Earth terrain, some of the old aspects of our form…cell miasma for instance…will also begin to melt away, vanish into thin air.  This is what was spoken about in reports past via “miracle healings” however, more appropriately it is a realignment of energy toward the new morphogenetic field→aka, superimposition.

From last report:

Our Higher body template, as it overlays the physical body, will now provide the map and the coordinates for our physicality to follow, to form thru via “the new morphogenetic field that impresses upon the form”.  NOTE: Morphogenetic fields are blueprints (templates) that hold instructions for form…they in-form consciousness on how to manifest itself in physicality. The architecture of that manifestation template (for the Adam Kadmon) is the Tree of Life.

The new morphogenetic field that we refer to IS the new template…it is the original (Adam Kadmon) template that was designed in your perfection.

This (morphic) field is holding the coordinates of your True form and it is anchoring into the physical as you anchor into the New Earth timelines.

As Earth begins to lift the veil to reveal her resplendent nature, so too will each and every aligned, ascending soul begin to lift the veil to reveal your own resplendent nature.

This new level (of embodiment) is already underway but will build, gaining in momentum as you move through the corridor to the New Earth and beyond.

For those standing in readiness to receive the Holy Grail, this will be the doorway opening that will provide the passageway to attain your objectives.

There are sanctified opportunities available for real change to occur now.


On 2020

Over and again I am hearing that 2020 will be a year of revelation…of disclosure on monumental levels…and the ultimate fulfillment of prophecy.  That we ARE the revelation, the Second Coming, the embodiment of Christ in the flesh…what the whole Book of Revelation is written for and about.

Christ is risen/rising within each of us which means together we walk away from the collective timeline of crucifixion…the entire Piscean Age of suffering…into “the official resurrection”, the (Golden) Age of Aquarius.

This will also be a year of truly seeing the “man” behind the curtain, the literal/his-torical mechanisms that have been put in place to divert humanity from its original course.

It will be a year of divulging Truth with such precision that it will leave no cause for question or doubt to those who have been working toward this aim for decades (lifetimes). And that crystal clarity to come is exactly true to form…it is the crystalline composure of REAL Earth now in union with the “false” earth (template) that will begin to superimpose itSelf upon the old…that which will be experienced as a “stunning rightness” to those long in alignment, those harbingers of Eden with which things will come together on multiple levels.

To that end, it will also herald much confusion (reckoning-retribution) to those indoctrinated in the lower matrix systems as the true state of Earth and Humanity are brought online and the old decaying systems continue to dismantle on hyperspeed…and often in disruptive ways.

What we would say to that is this…there is coming the most accelerated wave of ascension yet.

The cosmic energies that will be felt on earth are not only coming from beyond the earth but from the cosmos now contained within every ascending soul ON earth.

This means that what was once an ‘off-world’ affair, is now completely IN HOUSE lets say…that those of you who have triumphed over causality, have obliterated the karmic wheel so that anyone who is ready to achieve the state of ascendency now has the ability to do so, AS it was originally intended to be, AS your original birthright.

No more is it permitted or possible that your individual evolutionary path be tampered with.  YOU have released humanity from the dungeon of damnation…from slavery to salvation.

This is not to say that ascension can be achieved for another, but that the option has been returned for those who choose to do so.

This is the promise of the Cosmic Mother to all her beloved children…that She is Home now, living inside each and every one of you and the Earth at large.

Of which, I am also shown that personal and planetary kundalini will grow to off the charts in 2020…this is the pure-primal Life Force energy from GOD and the rise in sacred fire will serve to burn away all that is not a match to LOVE at unprecedented rates.   And yet, I am hearing very specifically that “the fires of hell cast no fury upon the righteous; the pure”. 

This means that all those who choose LOVE, no matter how far removed, will be able to escape “the purifying blaze of damnation”.

This Universal Life Force energy is also incurring and will continue to incur so much physical phenomenon as our molecular structure changes to align with our (true) DNA, which means our birthrights are coming online.  The Cosmic Mother is nurturing us thru this, supporting us to become ONE with Prime Source Creator…we just need to take the steps that present, but those steps will become more and more obvious, day by day, as we light up our GOD DNA and the Christed pathway is illuminated before us.

To that, we would end with the understanding that 2020 for the way-showers will be a year of settling into the New Earth groove so as to reflect the proof of what’s possible…the full potential for those who choose to align with LOVE.

It will be only the beginning, but a True beginning in a brand new realm of experience.  The nirvanic realm.

And so, we leave you with these final questions in the last days of a dying duality:  What does Heaven on Earth look like in your eyes?  What does a world bathed by the light of the Nirvanic Realms translate to in your everyday life?

Because these are the very real questions beckoning you now.  As you move thru the corridor to New Earth and touch down in Heaven, what will you create with your healed Heart?  In your legacy as LOVE?

We await your answer on this dear starborns as you collectively bring Heaven Home to humanity.

If Earth IS Home now…then what will you make of it?

Wishing each of you a Happy New Year as we celebrate the entrance to the nirvanic realm together, collectively welcoming Heaven to Earth! 🙌🏼 🎊🥳



*NOTE: A reminder that I am hosting a new group→ Embodying Eden which I created as a safe space for members to openly share, discuss & explore embodiment experiences as we collectively transition to the New Earth realities and grow into our new level Self & missions.  Groups are available to Plus & Premier level memberships.  JOIN US!


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  1. Thank you dear Lauren. I have tears in my eyes reading this. Thank you for way- showing us all these years … and delivering us (safely and sanely) through heaven’s gate! xo

  2. Yessssss!! I agree, Ana—how can you put words to something you’ve only imagined and is finally REAL and HERE?! Mind blown!

  3. Dear Nan, I loved your response and totally relate. Today, Jan 1, 2020, I can SEE how for so long in the past I would deny my own inner “knowingness that ignited such joy and love within me from a pure place within” and instead of holding my joy, I would pick up another’s view of reality while denying my own delicious reality. This morning I can see that old pattern and chose from the moment I woke up to embrace my own delicious and beautiful inner knowingness as my reality. I don’t know if this makes sense to you but somehow I feel it does. Anyway thank you dear for your precious presence, 💗🌈💜🌞

    1. Magnificant Marie, isn’t it marvelous? What you’ve written makes total, absolute sense. We can see the old reality and choose LOVE instead. Our “HOME.” WOW! Thank YOU for YOUR precious prescence!

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  6. This report is the “miracle” I’ve been waiting for. It explains so much. The day before you released it, I journaled some very insightful self-truths—and when I read the report, I realized I was/am receiving that insight from my oversoul. And then I read about our “undercover mission” and taking an oath to “maintain a low profile.” Huge epiphany for me with that one. How could I support myself doing something I loved if it was going to risk me venturing off my “sworn-to path?” And for my entire adult life, I always knew there was a reason things were not working out—I didn’t know what that reason was, but it never made sense how I would have “just enough success” to keep me afloat but never allowing me to feel as if “yes, finally, I made it happen” — that was never tangible.

    And now, we are being given a redirect to come upon our “original coordinates—our natural aptitude; to bring us back to those places inside that we felt but that we didn’t perhaps have an opportunity to actualize through our incarnation experience thus far.” AND that our mission IS “the most authentic, natural expression of the accumulation of your human interests; the most ‘normal’ expression of you that goes the furthest. And the icing on the cake: “It is not reaching outside of yourself to be that which you think the world needs, but rather to be that which is so intrinsic that it brings your individual souls song into Harmony with the song of New Earth.” “You will effectuate change for New Earth…by being who you authentically are.”

    Could any of us ask for a better gift? What a huge blessing this report is and what a gift knowing that finally, yes finally, It Is Time for each of us to live and cultivate our dream life. I have no words for how I’m feeling right now—only gratefulness to you Lauren, your beautiful Cosmic team and this loving supportive community. Thank you. 🙏🏻🥰😇❤️🌈💎✨

    1. Alisa, You have expressed so much of what I wanted to say. Thank you! And no, we could not have asked for a better gift. I look forward to hearing how each of us starts expressing our “individual souls song in Harmony with the song of New Earth.” I can’t wait to find out who you authentically are! Much Love!

    2. Yes, Alisa, I totally resonate and especially with that first paragraph. That part struck me too, and explains so much.

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  8. Me too. You put into words Nan… how I have felt/feel. I’ve noticed people looking straight into my eyes lately, in a way I have never seen before. It has actually taken me aback. 😳 I would look behind me just to see if there was anyone else there that caught their eye. But it was me. I am dumbfounded in these moments, but feel very giddy also.

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    I have been in this place too… “should I come or should I go now…” 🎼😳

    1. Christine, much as I said to Janet. We need your clarity and fellowship in this group. So glad you’ll continue to play with us, now that we’re at the finish line!

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  12. Haha! We’re all soooooooooo much more than we’ve ever imagined we are…I still find it hard to believe my wildest dreams are set to come true. Senuous, melodic, lyrical Kay, what joy we have in store for ourselves!!!

  13. Lovely, luscious, learned Linda, isn’t is exquisite to be coming into our own true natures now? Isn’t it just juicy? The subtle joy and space beneath the usual cacophony of old world junk and jargon. It’s so sweet and light it brings tears to my eyes…I love you!

  14. Oh my dear Charmaine, you are SO right. Thank goodness we don’t have to do “version 350” this year. That would just be so deadening. YUCK! I am so, so, so grateful that the ever so light, ever so subtle place of HOME is deep in my being now and I can feel it, right? It’s such a sweet place. We can ALL rejoice now. And you can be your real, authentic, spontaneous SELF. WOOHOOOO! Biig hugs and love!

  15. LOVE,
    LOVE you and Georgia O’Keefe. She’s been my hero for thirty years! Can’t wait to hear what you record!

  16. Janet, we’re all at the finish line. I’ve been with Lauren for ten years now and more than once her report has saved me from committing suicide. So glad you’ve decided to stay and play with us!

  17. This is beautiful Anne. Thank you. Let’s all get ‘on with this’. YES!

  18. AZAmy I’ve been asking the same thing girlfriend. But the new subtle home space is so delicious I’m actually getting a little bit excited to be moving forward. Doing it with you and all the other magnificent people here is the best part. You ROCK my dear!~

    1. Yes Nan i join you “Doing it with you and all the other magnificent people here is the best part”. Without this tribe and our respective sharing(s) i would never have walked and grown out of the old stuff…..step after step…..layer after layer…..🙏🙏🙏🆙🆓🆕 God bless you and all here – Happy new year

  19. I am sooooooo glad you’re so excited KAY. I can’t wait to find out what happens for you this year!~ Much, much LOVE!!!

    1. I sense a LOT of magic and miracles happening for us all!!! Love to you too Nan. xx

  20. HAHAHAHA! Starting 2020 putting emphasis “on the right foot.” YES my stunning Simone! We all get to be “Home” now. Isn’t that just the very, very, very best thing to have stayed alive for all these years? It truly is a “wonderful world. Oh yeah.” Much love to you!

  21. oooohhhh this is so exciting! I have so much gratitude to you for delivering all of these amazing messages for so long…to this point, this threshold – in which we now stand to embrace the accomplishment of our endeavors. Adamus calls our Journey ‘Realization’ – so true when we realize that this is exactly what we are doing! Waking up to our authentic true selves to live INTO this time now, and realize what we are here for, to do…to share and to unveil. happy new year, new decade, new life and new world – to you and all who follow on this path! And to everyone, as we are all in this together. en lak’ech a la kin, aloha, espavo, muchisima gracias con bendiciones sin fin – and yeehaw! what a ride

  22. I loved reading and feeling your dance around the room….and feel also your not knowing where you will land but knowing you will move. Looking forward to hearing from you and your journey….😘😘😘

  23. Wow. I love you Lauren and I love you all.
    See you in Heaven on Earth. 🙂
    Thank you.

  24. Lauren, I would like to relate to you a dream experience I had some time ago, perhaps a year. It began with my seeing an individual, who is fairly famous, walking through what seemed like a parking lot. She called my name. As she did so, I noticed people standing on both sides of me, three females on my left and four males on my right. I soon realized that those on my sides were in spirit and only myself and the first female were still in body. I also realized that they were all a part of me but am not certain as to what capacity I was in. Just wondering if I have already been introduced to my selves.
    With the advent of new accelerated Cosmic energies, I would imagine that we are going to experience even more profound body aches and pains, sleeplessness and fatigue. I expect many will associate these pains to getting the flu or even worse. I feel helpless when I see that happening to others, There seems nothing I can do to alleviate their fears over ant illness. I would sincerely hope that these new energies last only as long as necessary.
    Trying not to complain too much, but certainly looking forward to HEAVEN ON EARTH.

  25. Lauren, what a blessing you are in my life. So very grateful we connected….

  26. Hi Colleen
    You seem to have moved for your freedom. I see you truly made a big step, physically to live your life in a way you desire. Right now I am moving thru death throes but imagining the new. I feel like going to warm place in nature after setting the integration.
    The place you live feels nice ( I read your post) Also Feel ing like emersing myself in a calm ocean.. feeling around yukatan in Mexico. Have you been there?

    1. Hi Shiawase, thank you for seeing me with your understanding. I truly did make a big physical move to be free and happy. That is good that you are imagining the new, because that is your guidepost, inspiration and motivation. I thought about where I wanted to move and what was important in a new location for well over a year. I really tuned in and listened to my heart calling. Life was emotionally and financially tough in the several years before I moved. I want to tell you that even in my last week, when I was selling my stuff and packing my bags, I spent two days in bed crying. Death throes. But my spirit told me get up and just do it!

      I only visited Cancun on vacation in the Yucatan with my ex-husband a long time ago. I remember it was really, really hot in July and I just wanted to stay in the pool and not even visit the Mayan ruins. So I guess the location was not for me. But…if you are feeling called there, my advice is to follow your heart for your soul’s calling. I’ve met many people who love Mexico! Tulum, Playa del Carmen, San Miguel. The capital of the Yucatan is a very charming, colorful, musical and safe city, Merida with about 4,000 ex-pats. If you can possibly rent an Airbnb for a month or at least a couple of weeks, you will pay much less than in a resort and really get a feel for the space. Many blessings! Let me know how your journey goes!

  27. Hi Kay, so sorry for the delay in responding! I am in Boquete, Panama about 60 miles from the Costa Rican border. It is eternally Spring here, with temperatures in the 70’s during the day and 60’s at night…so no a/c or heat required. The closest beach is on the Pacific side and is only about an hour away, so best of both worlds.

  28. Thank you, AZAmy! Life is only getting better here as I continue to grow friendships and get involved with the community. Hiking, dancing, volunteering at the animal clinic and other fun stuff like the Boquete Jazz and Blues Festival. Trying to learn Spanish and practicing with the locals…especially the children, who really want to learn English! I’d have a lot more friends if I could speak the language, so I will try harder! Gorgeous rainbows mostly every day!

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