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  • Nabila

    February 22, 2020 at 12:00 am

    Hi Michael

    I’m so glad you shared here. I was hoping that all you gentle-men on TWYH would contribute to this tread. It’s so important to understand the M from an embodied state. Although I know everyone on here is acutely tuned into/aware of/sensitive to non gender specific experiences, I know that in spite of having raised two sons and being the partner to a man for 35 years, there are still many aspects of the M that I am not/do not experience as a man/the Masculine.

    I can see my own husband is going through the wringer at the moment (the full blown journey probably started about 5 years ago) and I only wish to be present in the way that he needs right now whilst I also simultaneously honour my own journey of integrating/holding strong in F and M energies too.

    I SO get that men who are on this journey are predisposed to hitting rock bottom but largely without the compassionate scaffolding or landscape that I openly admit to having as I journeyed deeper into my own Feminine aspect.

    For all the worlds faults and personal relationship difficulties there has always been an inherent sense of protection or acceptance of my femaleness. Perhaps this has something to do with our capacity/biology to birth children?

    Yes there are still horrors and horrible histories around the Feminine but in my own lifetime I see that there has been so much awareness of the ‘wrongness’ of this at the very least.

    It must a be a seriously frightening place for men to embrace/embody full evolution into the New Masculine. There has literally been no example for it to follow; no time in our memorable history to get clues as to how to birth a masculine that holds a set of attributes and perspectives that would serve itself and collective more appropriately. Role models are few and far between, the fear of being different is rampant, yet as you say the fear of staying the same is crippling too. Currently I am sensing so much pain and confusion in the masculine collective that it is hard to know what to do.

    Interestingly enough, suicide has been in my sphere this past week. My 23 year old son and girlfriend intervened on a suicide attempt last weekend.

    They were walking the dog in a lonely place they don’t normally frequent (but felt compelled to take this untrodden path) and found a car with hose attached with a note on the window saying ‘Please leave me”.

    My son saw the car was turned off so managed to open the door to find the man groggy and barely conscious. They got on to emergency services and then just stayed with the man, keeping him awake as best as possible. At one point he reached across to something in his shirt which my son thought might have been a knife but my son seemed to soothe him enough that he just relaxed and broke down. My sons girlfriend was quite teary when she spoke of how Aidan held this man close to him as he broke down. (as was I as I have always hoped to nurture my boys in a New Earth way so that they could hold their own, feel safe, able to express vulnerability yet remain empowered compassionate and deeply caring).

    ES came and dealt with it all after this but I was heartened to think that my son and his girlfriend were able and willing to help without hesitation.

    My son said to me afterwards in a quiet moment “mum, I think the note the man left that said ‘Please leave me.’ actually meant “Please Love me.’

    I think that really says it all.❤️😢