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  • AZAmy

    February 28, 2020 at 3:47 pm

    Yup… Im literally running around today trying to sell things to make my rent which is due Sunday. I have never been so creative trying to find money. It looks like money will be flowing better mid-March but for now…Im being squeezed to the nth degree. This has been such a surprise since prior to the death process this fall, I was fine financially. But being made to literally abruptly stop my prior work it has set in motion some pretty big financial challenges now. It feels frustrating when I know how capable I am to work and make money but not feeling much of any directive since Oct. I did hear to get the creative job which I have but things feel very unstable still. I have to believe this is somehow me anchoring the divine masculine and completing the wrap up of the debt enslavement since I definitely don’t feel free yet. In fact since Fall , unfortunately I’ve felt MORE enslaved. And the Stress to the body/nervous system…Kay I hear you!