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  • Nan

    March 16, 2020 at 7:18 pm

    How we’ve interpreted “The Final Judgement‘ in religious writings as well as the predictions of Nostradamus could not have prepared us for what is manifesting now.

    Clearly Mother Earth (and human beings) is/ are getting a good ‘Cosmic Scrub down’, much needed and much desired after the LONG journey She/we have taken to get here.

    It has never been more clear to me how sweet and ethereal and light the HIGHER LOVE ENERGIES ARE.

    Until recently I had no way to physically experience them. Now I/we can, something unprecedented in human history.

    I keep this thought in front of me as I do my best to neutrally respond to the current practice of social distancing being put into place by our provincial health authorities.

    FULLY GROUNDED ON EARTH IN LOVE. Yes Lauren, we got this.