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  • Charmaine

    April 1, 2020 at 1:49 pm

    Interesting…..Taurus (as a yin sign) should really be the Cow. Cows are gentle and potentially continuous givers of abundant resources to man (The milk…the drops of replenishing mead, never runs dry, if we know how to live in cooperate symbiosis with the cow….and with Mother Earth). Although ruled by Venus, Taurus also seems like the sign of Mother Earth (and Earth Day is in Taurus)…mid-spring (in northern hemisphere) as the generosity, fertility and infinite permutations of beauty of the Divine Feminine.

    Interesting to look at Egyptian mythology, where The goddess Hathor is pictured with a cow head and has many Taurean attributes (Taurus also linked to music/art and beauty); she’s a goddess of fertility and also of beauty. Interesting that Taurus is linked to the throat – Hathorian singing, also creation thru use of sound; meanwhile Venus (planetary ruler) is linked to both the heart and sacral chakras….fertility driven by love, the abundant resources (re-Source) outpouring from Source; after the Fall (separation from Source) and with the rise of hierarchical thinking, “resources” was stepped down vibrationally to mean “money” (and Taurus became “all about money”)

    Taurus as Eden/Lemuria – a time before the Fall into separation consciousness, when humans lived in unity with Gaia and all her life forms, enjoying and contributing to the lush fertility and beauty. Similar to the Eden pictured in the movie Avatar….telepathic/empathic connections with all the plants and animals, because we were in conscious unity with them.

    The words “acceptance” and “appreciation” are linked to Venus: Accepting and deeply appreciating the abundance that is naturally given, gratitude for the gift….a state in which there is no greed, no lust to acquire more, no hoarding and no fears that the Giver will stop giving; thus no exploitation/raping of the earth