Completion Codes: realization of nirvana

The polarities of the past continue to rapidly neutralize…one by one, dissolving into ONEness, opening new channels for Cosmic Life Force (LOVE) to enter and transform our bodies and lives. This regenerative energy is here to assist us all to empower ourselves from within, to restore our equilibrium, to replenish our reserves, and to stoke the (kundalini) fires needed to create new life.  And it is increasing by day.

For those at the fore, it is time to transform out of this karmic recycling program for good. The messages are consistent that the ancient timelines are resolved, that our (first) missions are completing and that there is nothing left to do but to ground that truth into reality.  The remainder of 2019 is about resolution…tying up loose ends, being willing to let old storylines go and supporting the body to unravel from old so we can step into the New Earth reality.

[Tweet “The nirvanic state is FREE from causality, FREE from the realms of suffering, FREE from the polarities of good & evil. In it’s place, peace. From peace, all things True are born.”]

In October we got a real sense of understanding the parts of us that are leaving…the expired roles we played, the responsibilities that we held, all the contracts that we committed to for the karmic journey that are all coming to completeion.  These are the final remnants and corresponding cell memories that are coming unstuck, enabling us to see so much more (in retrospect) now that the duality templating is dissolving.

In November we move into a refueling period…a refocusing of our intentions (based on some incoming new directives) and a reallocation of priorities necessary for the new year/New Earth/New Human processor. To aid us in this redirect, we have an important, I even want to say “beautiful” Mercury retrograde on tap…said no one ever…an essential biocomputer upgrade to reprogram our entire communication system to Feminine-first processing…our original processor.

It’s been interesting (and unusual) to experience the new (original) template coming online a-head of the mind…witnessing/feeling the body awaken to its Truth without the mental constructs in place to support this awakening is keeping us all completely suspended in faith of what is unfolding without a framework to process it.  Which seems to be the point→ feminine (body) first…Heart before mind.

Even still, it should be fairly obvious by now that we have moved into a new space.  What may not be clear…tenuous as it is…is that this space, while still growing, is here to stay.  The Cosmic Mother/Holy Spirit is taking root as I type this…even on down days, there is a new baseline that is growing in its dependability, a new constant.  That baseline is the solidification of our reconnection to the Universal Life Force (Source) energy and we are likewise beginning to attract and interpret the signs that this is so…we are starting to see the outer reflections of this cosmic support all around us which will also continue to grow as we deepen into this new, higher ground.

And now that the Alpha & Omega journey is complete and zero-point is attained, we will finally be able to put ourselves back together in right/divine order, rerouting our entire 4 body circuitry to align with GOD’s (geometry). This will be a slow build, but it will be a lasting one…which is exactly what we want at this stage. Each day and every moment now, we are gearing up for this New Earth experience…gathering strength, regaining the confidence and momentum to begin again, as LOVE.

To that aim, there is a benevolent wave of support coming in November to assist us to drop another layer of the load we have been carrying for lifetimes…the fears, the memories, the habitual patterns.  As we do, as we effectively exfoliate the denser energies…the mental limitations, the feelings of victimization…and continue to call forth the sovereignty (strength of Self) we’ve needed all these years/lifetimes to be in our full power and to claim our responsibility as masters of our fate, the restoration of health, wealth & well-being will result.

And all this is happening more effortlessly than not.  As LOVE, we are realizing experientially that our highest good really IS the leading command now…that our will IS the will of GOD (LOVE) and is being honored so readily and with so little effort that more often than not, we just need to step out of the way.   As cliché as it sounds, LOVE really has won and we are learning more every day what it truly means to BE the Force, but most importantly, how to wield it.

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