Causal to Conscious Creation Crash Course

Causal to Conscious Creation is what I would call a Crash Course on the sacred mechanics of Uni-versal Creation. 

It’s written in an interview format and contains a compilation of questions and answers between myself and the Pleiadian Council consciousness on the energetics of creation as well as some practical ways to apply it.

I had been hearing for a long time that our participation with creation changes from 3D to 5D and I wanted to know exactly what those changes were, especially and specifically as it pertained to the glorified Law of Attraction.  

What I learned was so poignant and personally helpful, but the most impacting was perhaps the understanding that when we leave the highs and lows of duality (causality) in search of the greater call to universal LOVE, we begin to operate within a new framework of intelligenceLOVE intelligence…which demands that we engage in the dynamic of creation in a different, higher way.

For years I thought I was missing something with regard to “universal laws” and that always-elusive matter of manifestation…consequently, it took me years to paste the parts together to formulate a mental picture of what I was only beginning to understand as the true concept of creation.

Luckily, I not only stayed the course…I documented it.  Causal to Conscious Creation™ is my own journey to remembering that which will hopefully lighten the load and lessen the learning curve for yours.

If you have chosen the path to greater LOVE and found yourself wondering why “creation”  just. doesn’t. seem. to. work. for you, the hard-to-find answers to some of the most fundamental, yet mystical questions can be found right here.

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I just read Casual to Conscious Creation. IT BLEW MY MIND! There were many things I knew (read before but may be not internalized) but the structure and the new things added clarity in some reaaaly new to me way. At the last couple of pages the LOVE pressed me so hard all over the whole body it stopped my breathing and made me cry – how awesome! Thank you so much. I do not stop to wonder how I can love so much someone I have never met, nor spoken to?!?!  George from Bulgaria


I just finished reading it, it’s BRILLIANT! somehow the final word of Cell Speak!!! the ULTIMATE COURSE! it’s B.R.I.L.L.I.A.N.T!!! brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. i WAS waiting for this and i didn’t know. thank you Lauren for putting this all together, for asking the questions you asked (i would never have thought of asking them). EVERYTHING is explained, i won’t go through the list (well…the heart, the mind, the brain, the intellect, Oneness, separation, emotions, feelings, desire, ego/soul, even electricity and magnetism, and i’m forgetting lots of other things). thank you for repeating over and over and over again the word LOVE (in Cell Speak, in your reports, and in this e-book yet again) because it’s paying off, it’s sinking in!!! it’s definitely the one product of yours that i’m going to print out to be able to read it again and again and again and anywhere! OMG!!! LOVE it! -Elisabeth Beucher 


I just ordered and devoured Causal to Conscious Creation. This resource came at exactly the right time for me and it is exactly what I needed. This morning, while receiving a process acupressure treatment, what arose was literally a war between my head and my heart, my soul and my ego. My heart and my soul knew one thing, my head and ego kept interjecting doubt and fear. Thank you for the perfect resource which concisely and directly explains what to do about this inner 3D/5D struggle. Even more importantly, reading your words, made my heart sing. This resource is in PERFECT resonance with what my heart and soul already know but my ego wants to doubt. Thank you! My intention is to apply the practices presented here EVERY MINUTE of EVERY DAY of my life. All love!!!!!”  -Lauri Lumby, Oshkosh, WI


I just finished reading it in its entirety. I feel it’s the perfect manual to guide me through the next phase of my evolvement from 3D to 5D consciousness. There is a lot of confusion between ”soul-based or heart-level desire and lower ego-level desire” and between ”head brain” and ”heart brain.” You clearly explain the difference and what it means to create from the heart and soul.  Every bit of your guidebook resonates with me.

Ten years ago, when I gave motivational workshops to encourage people to honor & achieve their dreams, I was gripped with fear about ”not attracting enough participants.” I was guided then to visualize what my offering would bring into these people’s lives. I focused on the love instead of the fear and people CAME. Participants later told me that they were immediately drawn to my flyers. (One woman told me she was about to phone her father but surprisingly found herself phoning the contact number on my flyer!) So for awhile now, I’ve known about the POWER of pure, unconditional love when it comes to manifesting. But I never connected all the dots as you do so masterfully in this guidebook.

What leapt out at me, and what I have always FELT was TRUE, ”The heart was originally designed to rule or govern the brain… not the other way around.” We really DO have it backwards in the 3D world.

This manual gives me a step-by-step process to keep me on track and let me know when I’m slipping back into duality/polarized thinking. So bravo to you and the Pleiadian High Council for spelling it out for those of us in the process of awakening to our Greater BEing.  -Thelma Mariano


Lauren, I just emailed you to say how delighted and grateful I am for Causal to Conscious Creation – oh man, so cool, so YOU, so delicious! This is GENIUS. Hah, that was the first thought that arrived as I wrote, and yet it also reflects beautifully what you’ve described in this awesome conversation…perfect! 

This creation a perfect example of everything I love about who you are and how you express yourself. You always find the most graceful and massively enjoyable ways to express – fully authentically and accessibly – so much LOVE wisdom and intelligence in effortlessly understandable ways. I LOVE IT. And I love you. I will be (and have already started) recommending this as the most lovely, most succinct, most juicily accessible way to understand this process of returning home to ourselves and creating in and as LOVE that I have ever had the joy to encounter. 

What a precious treasure of ONE you are! So awesome to know you, sister! You are SO clever… With my full heart-love, thank you.  –Sara H., Somerset, UK


I’m so glad I invested in C2CC. While reading the last three and one-half pages I was touched by a sacred feeling and heartfelt appreciation and gratitude. Shortly thereafter, I felt the energy of the peace enter my field, filling in the gaps and engaging synergistically with my own vibe in a powerful way that resulted in a sense of co-creative momentum. It was very cool- a special moment that felt really important. Thank you Lauren!  -Shelly, CA